Our concepts is simple and it works

The concept is very simple.

Why it works

Auditors/accountants understand how important it is to have a Sage Accredited consultancy firm which can help them develop their client base.

Accountants/auditors are highly skilled at dealing with statutory/taxation matters and Accounting Concepts is Highly skilled at providing consultancy and implementing training on Sage software.

This allows both parties to keep to their key core competent areas.

What is our concept?

It’s about helping small to medium sized enterprises take control of their financial affairs so they can give better quality data to their bank managers and their accountants.

Accounting Concepts uses Sage 50 business software to enable companies to build in good controls to monitor the companies’ finances/human resources.

Accounting Concepts acts as an interface between the company and their accountants/auditors helping the flow of information become more accurate and relevant/reliable. (This leads to year end audits taking less time in the long run.)

Your Company/Accounting Concepts/Your Accountant

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