Consultancy comes before training

Sage consultancy

What exactly is the use of consultancy, and why should your business invest in it?

Our initially meeting would be based on understanding your business and the information that you require on a day to day basis.

Presentation of data is normally very important and this is where we work closely with you to ensure you have a good MIS (management information system) that will enable you to make good business decisions in the future.

A day in the life of a Sage consultant

The consultant wakes up and enjoys the challenge ahead, today at 10 am one more SME will start the road map to becoming more efficient in its business practices..

During breakfast he thinks of nothing else… “I will have to assess the business needs and existing processing of data – how can sage help this SME?”

Im sure after a few hours of talking with the owner/manager I will understand how to set up the sage system so that it gives meaningful information to act upon… I hope I can do this by lunch time…”

After lunch I can then start to set the system up for my SME and provide training at the same time so that they can start data processing and feel confident with the sage software.”

By the end of the day I must leave them with clear instructions of what data they can process and what further areas i need to cover with them”

Wow its 6.00pm already and its just like ive been hear 7 minutes! That’s what I call fun. And they pay me for this! What a life, I can’t wait to come back and check on their progress…”

Of course, they can always contact me on the mobile if they have a problem – sure makes my life easier to know that they will always call…”

“Thanks Sage! Just what the doctor ordered for the SME – the patient is in good hands!”

Arrive home at 7.30pm, and relax. “Now were is that sage magazine? There’s a new feature coming to sage 50 soon, I wonder what it does?”

Absolutely fascinating isn’t it?

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